Circle Lake Loop

Saturday, February 9, 2013
Leader: Sue Wolling
Xski: 10 miles, 300 ft (Moderate)

With no recent snowfall and considerable sunshine over the preceding few days, we were anticipating icy, potentially miserable ski conditions on the Circle Lake trip—but we decided to chance it, and were well-rewarded. We drove on bare pavement all the way to Ray Benson Sno-Park, and were delighted to find very good snow conditions all the way around the loop. We started with a group of six, but when 14-year-old Austin found that several years of snowboarding had obliterated the cross-country skiing skills he had as an 8-year-old, he and his mother opted to spend the day practicing on the groomed trails at Hoodoo. The rest of us skied on, and enjoyed good snow and a lot of sunshine in the morning, though it clouded up in the afternoon. Two miles from the parking lot, we were able to perform an Obsidian good deed. We encountered Kaplan, a young man skiing on some very old boots in which the sole had suddenly separated from the rest of the boot, leaving him with a very floppy connection to his binding. Pulling out the 11th and 12th essentials (duct tape and a long piece of string), we helped him bind the boot and sole together well enough for him to continue skiing. We then headed on to the parking lot, where we encountered dozens and dozens of Boy Scouts from across Oregon, there for a weekend of camping out and practicing snow skills. We were glad to leave them to their snow caves and igloos, as we headed back to our hot showers!

Members: Sue Wolling, Jeanine Taylor, Chris Stockdale. Nonmembers: Melanie Speicher, Deborah Cooke, Austin Turvey.

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