Sand Mountain Lookout

Saturday, February 23, 2013
Leader: Sam Miller
Xski: 10 miles, 1000 ft (Difficult)

The plan for this outing was to ski to Sand Mountain lookout and return via the initial entry route. The backup plan was to ski the lower loop road circumnavigating Nash Crater. Deep snow and stormy conditions made “Plan B” the preferred choice for this trip. Since our group of 10 skiers faced the possibility of finishing early, we opted to ski up the north slope of Nash Crater, and were rewarded with an enjoyable descent through widely-spaced trees. It was a fine day to ski in the elements with an amiable group.

Members: Miller, Sam, Hubata-Vacek, Lubos, Hartman, John, Anderson, Chrissy, Robertson, Spencer, Wolling, Sue, Johnson, Steven, Jensen, Dave, Lipton, Becky. Nonmembers: McAllister, David.

Obsidians Enjoy a Blustery Day in the Mountains. Pictured left to right: Steve Johnson, Lubos Hubata-Vaeck, Chrissy Anderson, Sue Wolling, David McAllister, Spencer Robertson, Dave Jensen, John Hartman, Becky Lipton (center/front)—photo by Sam Miller
click here for more photos from this trip

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