Skinner Butte

Wednesday, October 17, 2012
Leader: Janet Jacobsen
Hike: 1.5 miles, 200 ft (Easy)

The goal was to take one hour to hike up Skinner Butte and down the other side to the replica of the Skinner Cabin for the 150th Birthday Celebration at 11:00. We started by walking the many steps to the Sheldon McMurphey house and then up the old rock steps to the top of Skinner Butte. We had plenty of time for Rick Ahrens and others in our group to share historical anecdotes with Mary Ellen Baukol who arrived in Eugene two weeks ago. There were several speeches and dramatic impersonations. What a surprise to see Bill Sullivan show off his acting skills as Eugene Skinner. We stood in line to get the 150th Celebration card with the commemorative stamp. By this time it was noon so we opted for lunch at 5th Street Market instead of a hike to Gillespie Butte. After lunch the improved weather with sun and blue sky motivated four of to amble through downtown streets to share more of Eugene with Mary Ellen.

Members: Janet Jacobsen, Joella Ewing, Sandra Larsen, Susan Sanazaro, Laurie Marshall, Rick Ahrens. Nonmembers: Mary Ellen Baukol, Patrick Bronson, Wendy Holifield.

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