Cape Perpetua

Saturday, October 6, 2012
Leader: Janet Jacobsen
Hike: 6.8 miles, 900 ft (Moderate)

We were so fortunate to have:

10:30 am - Lori Robertson, Cape Perpetua Center Director and also an Obsidian member, give us an upclose discovery tour of the tidepools on the Captain Cook Trail. The sunlight reflection was perfect for us to discover a turban snail colony, sea urchin condominiums, limpets, chitons, featherduster tubeworms, and a yellow sea slug.

11:40 - A windless and sunny lunch stop on the rocks near Cape Cove beach.

12:10 - A hike with no wind on the Trail of the Restless Water to Devil’s Churn and then the St. Perpertua Trail to the overlook.

1:35 - Incredible views of the coastline.

2:30 - Enough energy for the leader to persuade everyone to hike the Giant Spruce Trail to see the 600 year old Sitka spruce that began life nourished by a nurse log.

3:30 - A bathroom at the Visitor’s Center

Last note: We just happened to meet up with Birgitta Williams, Obsidian member, outside the Visitors Center. She was delivering a large plant pot with a yarn art poisonous mushroom and its habitat.

Members: Janet Jacobsen, Jyoti Naik, Judy Parker, Lamonte Smith, Patricia Mac Afee, Sue Meyers, Don Cross.

Smitty watching the waves—photo by Jyoti Naik
click here for more photos from this trip

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