Eagles Rest

Saturday, October 20, 2012
Leader: Judy Terry
Hike: 5 miles, 1422 ft (Moderate)

Lost Creek Valley remained lost. Eight Obsidians started a sunny hike to the Eagles Rest in the Goodman Creek area. At approximately 1.7 miles into the hike, immediately after the Ash Swale Shelter, it began raining and continued. At the summit of the Eagles Rest, there was absolutely no view to be had, only white fog where the Lost Creek Valley should have been. As it continued raining, we retreated to the shelter to relax and have lunch. As we popped out of the shelter, the rain had mostly ceased and we had a somewhat drier return to the cars.

Members: Terry, Judy, Strahon, Guy, Sojak, Darko, Sanders, Joe, Woxell, Tom, Praskievicz, Sarah, Bryan, Keiko. Nonmembers: Krentz, Holger.

Tom, Keiko & Darko head out on the trail to Eagle's Rest—photo by Holger Krentz
click here for more photos from this trip

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