Mt. Shasta

Friday–Sunday, July 13–15, 2012
Leader: Maryanne Reiter
Climb: 11 miles, 7300 ft

This trip was originally to be to Mount Baker, but the weather in the North Cascades was not forecasted to be good. I offered to lead an alternate trip to climb a northside route on Mount Shasta (Hotlum Bolam Ridge) since the weather was forecast to be sunny. We left town Friday evening and drove down and camped at the trailhead. Sat morning we woke, packed and headed up the trail. Along the way a participant felt ill and eventually decided not to go higher and hiked out with a companion. The remaining 5 went to high camp. We woke up at 2 AM to a clear sky. When we got higher on the mountain we could actually see the Aurora Borealis. At the time we did not know that is what it was and were impressed by the streaks of light in the sky. One person turned around shortly after we started climbing, leaving 4 of us for the summit bid. We reached the summit mid-morning. On the descent a participant twisted an ankle and a shoulder but was able to hike out. We arrived back in Eugene late Sunday evening.

Members: Maryanne Reiter. Nonmembers: Steve Kuhn, Laurie Monico, Liam Beckman. Members: Shellie Robertson, Beth Machamer, Wayne Deeter.

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