SOLV Fall Beach Cleanup, Washburn Park

Saturday, September 22, 2012
Leader: Joella Ewing
Hike: 4 miles, 50 ft (Easy)

I don't think there's been a more gorgeous, warm, sunny, breezeless day at the beach than this one. There wasn't much to find on this beach cleanup because there have been no storms lately, and apparently most users are doing a good job of cleaning up after themselves. We each found only about a quarter bag of small stuff - bottle caps, styrofoam, etc. The most interesting item I heard about was my find of an eyeglasses case filled with sand, but with a deteriorating business card of a U.S. Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Investigator and Enforcement Officer. I called the Federal Info Center 1-800 # and was connected to the Oregon DoA, but no one by the name of the inspector works for the agency any longer. Both people I talked with were as interested as I in knowing just how long that case and card have been floating around. Guess I could go through Peter DeFazio's office for further investigation, but they've got too much on their plate right now for such frivolity. Maybe later. Great participants included two new comers. Let's old timers remember to help newbees at our potlucks feel welcome.

Members: Joella Ewing, Darko Sojak, Jim Whitfield, Sharon Duncan, Barbara Norregaard, Tom Musselwhite, Judy Terry, Guy Strahon. Nonmembers: Carolyn Sojak, Gabrielle Lent, Karen Lally.

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