Tire Mountain

Wednesday, July 4, 2012
Leader: Lana Lindstrom
Hike: 7.6 miles, 800 ft (Moderate)

Recent rains and heavy use by mountain bikers made the first segment of this trail fairly muddy. However, about a mile in, the trail splits and no more bike tracks. This is a wildflower hike - we saw at least 25 different species, with the dominant ones being carpets of rosy plectritis (I just love the sound of this flower), interspersed with deep purple larkspur, yellow monkeyflower and camas. It was a feast for the eyes, especially on the steep open meadows with rock outcroppings. In the woodland areas, we saw pale yellow irises, white queen cup, inside-out flowers, and and stalks of coralroot. And in the distance were the Cascade mountains with plenty of snow on them. Even though there's no view at the top, we lingered, enjoying the perfect weather, swapping stories and sharing chocolates. Thanks very much to Brad and Melody for driving and Tom for navigating. This particularly convivial group consisted of

Members: Lana Lindstrom, Richard Hughes, Brad Bennett, Melody Clarkson, Jyoti Naik, Anne Bonine, Sue Meyers, Chris Stockdale, Janet Winter. Nonmembers: Jim Woods, Tom Giesen.

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