Get Acquainted

Saturday, June 16, 2012
Leader: Janet Jacobsen
Hike: 2.5 miles, 200 ft (Easy)

The parking lot was filled by the time ten guests showed up for the hike. Fortunately, two guests who had to park some distance away were able to meet up with us near the lodge. It was fun to open the door to the lodge and let hikers experience the temperature drop. There were lots of questions about upcoming hikes. Thanks to Roberta Chord who was the sweep.

Members: Jacobsen, Janet, Estes, Autumn, Estes, Chyanne, Chord, Roberta. Nonmembers: Hubacek, Wendy, Melton, Randy, Robinson, Rod, Fleischmann, Hannah, Whitney, Mike, Berger, Marti, Greenwold, Amy, Klucko, Andy, Robinson, Becki, Rydquist, Jason, Pomper, Richard, Stoess, Caryn.

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