Opal Creek

Sunday–Tuesday, September 16–18, 2012
Leader: Helen Martz
Ext Trp: (Moderate)

According to John Muir, "In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he (sic) seeks." Muir could easily have been describing our experience at Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center with its shimmering pools, majestic cedars, colorful fungi and cascading waterfalls. Thirteen of us enjoyed a variety of trails including Cedar Flats, Beachie Saddle and Battle Axe Creek, as well as the pleasant trail to and from Jawbone Flats with its remnants of sawmill and mining equipment. Jawbone Flats itself is historically interesting and quite charming, and the Opal Creek staff were helpful and knowledgeable. Pleasantly tired from sun and hiking, we relaxed each evening on the comfortable cabin decks at Happy Hour, content in the knowledge that someone else was cooking dinner, a dinner that can only be described as scrumptiously creative gourmet vegetarian. Old-timers and newcomers alike enjoyed the whole experience.

Members: Helen Martz, Patricia Esch, Clara Emlen, Jorry Rolfe, Randy Sinnott, Anne Bonine, Barbara Bruns, Pat Soussan, Barbara Aten, Marian West. Nonmembers: Lynnette Rankin, Patty Burkart, Jake (Gail) Bradshaw.

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