2nd Annual Ridgeline Celebration

Saturday, May 5, 2012
Leader: Matthew Bell
Trl Mnt: 0.5 miles, 500 ft (Moderate)

Clara was the hardest worker of the day, she began cleaning the stairs at 9:00 and was still working on them at 1:30. She dug out all of the dirt, scraped the moss off, and swept the concrete steps until they looked polished. She had some other help (Joanne Ledet and Betty Grant) but Clara didn't give up and cleaned off all of the steps. Then we watched people coming down from their hike and scraping their muddy shoes on the steps. Jim, Dan, and Joanne worked to clear the drainage features and muck from the West Trail. Janet and Darko set up a wonderful booth and display of Obsidian photos related to Spencer Butte and the Ridgeline to attract people to learn more about what we do and our trail maintenance efforts. We even got 8 people to sign-up to be added to the trail maintenance mailing list.

Members: Bell, Matthew, Grant, Betty, Jacobsen, Janet, Sojak, Darko, Whitfield, Jim, Ledet, Joanne, Emlen, Clara. Nonmembers: Gilmore, Dan, Bell, Oliver.

Historic photos of 1928 Spencer Butte hike are most popular with visitors—photo by Darko Sojak
click here for more photos from this trip

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