Ridgeline Trail Maintenance

Thursday, April 12, 2012
Leader: Pat Soussan
Trl Mnt: 4 miles, 1500 ft (Moderate)

Armed with rakes and saws, we set off under a sunny sky to continue working on Spencer Butte’s trails from where the previous Saturday’s trail maintenance had left off. What were we actually doing? A discussion took place as to what our efforts might be called. Dan Gilmore had the best definitions: trail building for when the trail is laid out and constructed; trail treeage for the repairs after major events; trailsmithing when existing trails get structural improvements like culverts or bridges, or are rerouted; and trail grooming, mostly the sort of thing we did today . However it was called trail litter pick-up when Janet Jacobsen encouraged me to traverse a steep slope with fallen trees and branches to retrieve a 24 oz Coors beer can. Dan was not impressed with the brand. We stopped Trail Grooming after two hours and headed up to the summit, where we sheltered from the wind for a substantial snack, before heading back down. Thanks to everyone for a successful morning’s trail maintenance with extra thanks to Janet for providing the snacks and co-leading.

Members: Pat Soussan, Janet Jacobsen, Jim Whitfield. Nonmembers: Dan Gilmore.

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