Brice Creek

Sunday, June 3, 2012
Leader: Joanne Ledet
Hike: 6 miles, 600 ft (Moderate)

It was an overcast day for our hike to Brice Creek, but fortunately we did not have any rain during our hike. We parked one car at the Lower Trailhead and after depositing the other car at the Upper Trailhead, we met up and started our walk going upstream from the Lower Trailhead. The trillium had faded and the usual calypso orchids and columbines were nowhere to be seen, but we were rewarded with an abundance of pale yellow wild iris for the entire length of our trip. There were also many kinds of ground cover and a few wild rhododendrons still in bloom. The creek was full of water from the snow melt and spring rains, and even though it was a little early, we stopped at a particularly lovely spot and had lunch. We located ourselves on the rock outcropping to enjoy not only views of the turbulent water, but to have easy conversations with our hiking companions. After lunch we continued upstream, stopping occasionally as Tom and Judy found a variety of mushrooms hidden on the forest floor, and we all got a short course in mushroom identification. I had originally planned to make a short side trip to Lower Trestle Creek Falls, but when we had gone up the side trail for just a short distance, we discovered a very large tree had fallen across the trail. We probably could have heaved ourselves over the tree, but since the tree had fallen at the high point of the trail and the near side was a slippery slope of mud, we had visions of the same slippery slope on the far side of the tree. No one wanted to risk riding home in mud covered clothing, so we decided to turn around and save the Lower Trestle Creek Falls for another trip. Thanks to Judy for being a driver and letting all of us squeeze into her van for the shuttle ride back to the second car. The seven hikers, all members, were:

Members: Ledet, Joanne, Sanazaro, Susan, Naik, Jyoti, Emlen, Clara, Larsen, Sandra, Woxell, Tom, Ness, Judy.

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