Delta Ponds

Saturday, May 19, 2012
Leader: Joella Ewing
Hike: 3 miles (Easy)

Rick Ahrens enhanced the experience of our 17 other participants with his expert knowledge of the Delta Ponds history, flora and fauna. A partly overcast day made for pleasant walking, but kept all but two turtles below water. For viewing logs covered with turtles, as they had been a couple of weeks earlier in the afternoon sun, I'd suggest a 1 p.m. starting time rather than 9 a.m. Rick started the lecture/tour at the far end of the Valley River Center (VCR) parking lot, rather than the Delta Ponds lot, as I had originally planned. The change in starting point gave Rick an opportunity to point out the first breach of the barrier originally separating the Willamette from the ponds, and to describe how this new fresh water flow is beginning to recreate original habitat for fish, beaver and other animals. After two hours walking additional Delta Ponds trails, we adjourned the official trip at the Delta Ponds parking lot so people who wanted to could continue around the other end of the ponds, while others headed back to their cars at VRC.

Members: Joella Ewing, Chyanne Estes, Trenton Estes, Autumn Estes, Roberta Chord, Effie Neth, Barbara Sutherland, Clara Emlen, Barbara Bruns, Rick Ahrens, Yuan Hopkins, Suzanne Steussy. Nonmembers: Wendy Hubacek, Janel Laidman, Doug Thiesen, Wayne Hickey, Jennifer Hickey, Robert Nordahl.

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