Cummins Cr - Cape Perpetua

Sunday, April 22, 2012
Leader: Mary Holbert
Hike: 8.2 miles, 1500 ft (Difficult)

Six of us enjoyed a lovely day on Cape Perpetua. Some portions of the trail had blowndown for added variety and increased muscle demand. There was mud. The leader was somewhat confused a couple of times about which way to go, and was cheerfully aided by fellow hikers. We ascended to a viewpoint with comfortable seating to enjoy ocean view dining and sunbathing. The group was very well matched in terms of hiking speed, and all seemed to enjoy the day thoroughly.

Members: Holbert, Mary, Rapaport, Moshe, Lipton, Becky. Nonmembers: David, Elizabeth, Woodard, Jim, Diamond, Austin.

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