South Sister

Saturday, June 16, 2012
Leader: Shellie Robertson
Climb: 12 miles, 4800 ft

The day dawned bright and early for the "South Sister Seven" (SS7) as they would come to be known. With a promising weather forecast, ice axes at the ready if needed, and a smorgasbord of food between us we stepped off the street and into the snow with our sights set on making it to the summit by 2 PM. Snow covered almost the entire route to the top but the SS7 made great time including frequent rest stops that soon began to resemble a progressive dinner. Beginning with bagels and bananas towards the bottom of the mountain to pizza, peanut butter, homemade muffins, cherries, and chocolate, we ate our way to the top arriving at the summit about 1:30 PM. Clear skies, spectacular views, and 7 toothy grins made for some fantastic photo opportunities before turning on our heels and heading down. Besides reaching the summit of a mountain, the next best thing about climbing is the opportunity, given the right conditions, to glissade down...and that we did! Nothing turns back the clock on the AARP eligible quite like a good glissade and with much laughter, whooping, and hollering we made our way down the mountain. You say potato and I say potahto...but no matter how you pronounce it may have very well been Charlie "Spud" Couture's salted boiled potatoes that powered everyone to South Sister's summit and back.

Members: Robertson, Shellie, Machamer, Beth, McGlinsky, Juli, Lemon, Richard. Nonmembers: Hurkes, Liz, Couture, Charles, Robertson, Spencer.

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