Mt. McLoughlin

Friday–Saturday, July 20–21, 2012
Leader: Bob Kaminski
Climb: 10.5 miles, 4000 ft

On Friday, July 20 the Obsidian band of three left Eugene at 5:00 PM. To avoid possible mosquitoes at the trailhead we pulled off of Lake of the Woods Highway at Yankee Creek Road to enjoy our brown bag dinner at twilight. We arrived at the Mt. McLoughlin trailhead to a quiet evening of slumber with very few mosquitoes and hit the trail at 6:00 AM. At around 10:30 AM we were on the summit. It was warm and mostly clear, although there was a bit of haze as a result of regional fires.

Roy McCormick searched for the long missing summit register to no avail. Dave Beardsley scoured the summit for fulgurites and found all sizes and shapes. I joined in the festivities as we soaked up the sun. On the return trip to the car we passed 113 people with dreams of summiting. Thirty-eight of the trekkers were members of the National Guard from Klamath Falls out on a training exercise. All in all a fine climb to the 9,495 foot summit.

Members: Bob Kaminski, Roy McCormick. Nonmembers: Dave Beardsley.

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