Douglas County Safari and Wine

Tuesday, August 7, 2012
Leader: Verna Kocken

Vintage Obsidiane’ (Wildlife Safari and Wine tour)

Bottled on August 7, 2012, the Obsidiane’ Reserve is in the oak barrels of memories to age. Granted the Best of Show award for Best Wildlife Safari Tour Ever, by ingredient, Janet Jacobson, who vowed never to tour the premises without a docent again. Our guide, Barbara, mixing well with the other Barbaras in the group, added the flavor of personal experience with the multitudinous species represented at Safari. Her technique added a particular warmth to the spicy and fragrant finish.

The green flavor of Abacela presented a deep toned, though fast-paced experience and on to the earthy flavor of the Melrose Winery tasting room where a roast beef luncheon with a hint of watermelon left the group “full bodied”. Exciting and breath-taking arrival at Reustle’s Prayer Rock Winery broadened with the scent and flavor of lavender and roses. Cool cellars gave an old world ambiance and refreshing energy to all.

Thirty four ingredients: Ethyl Allen, Alice Anderson, Bill Arthur, Don Baldwin, Barbara, Paul and Paula Beard, Shirley Cameron, Marylee Cheadle, Sharon Cutsforth, Pat Dark, Barbara and Dennis Flanders, Shirley Froyd,Donna Halker, Janet Jacobsen, Verna Kocken, John and Lenore McManigal, Barbara and Don Payne,Virginia Prouty, Liz Reanier, Susan Sanazaro, Julie Snell, Dick and Janet Speelman and Mary Ellen West were the main ingredients (members) with spices added (non-members): Marcia Bell, Marjorie Hislop, Doug and Maxine Hughes, Edith Pattee and Grace Swanson, driver: Terry.

Respectfully submitted: (Honorary Winemaker) Verna Kocken

Members: Verna Kocken, Ethel Allen, Alice Anderson, Bill Arthur, Don Baldwin, Barbara Beard, Paul Beard, Paula Beard, Shirley Cameron, Mary Lee Cheadle, Sharon Cutsforth, Pat Dark, Barbara Flanders, Dennis Flanders, Shirley Froyd, Donna Halker, Janet Jacobsen, John McManigal, Lenore McManigal, Don Payne, Barbara Payne, Virginia Prouty, Liz Reanier, Susan Sanazaro, Julie Snell, Janet Speelman, Richard Speelman, Mary Ellen West. Nonmembers: Marcia Bell, Grace Swanson, Marge Hislop, Maxine Hughes, Doug Hughes, Edith Pattee.

Sitting high in the bus entertained by a docent, we have great views.—photo by Verna Kocken
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