Lava Lake

Sunday, March 25, 2012
Leader: Scott Hovis
SShoe: 5 miles, 200 ft (Moderate)

Had a great hike with a small group. Heavy snow on the ground with a bit of rain falling towards the end of the hike. No views due to cloud cover; but still a beautiful area. A good trail; but poorly marked blue diamonds. There need to be more blue diamonds placed along the hike or you spend extra time looking for the trail. There appear to be some new kiosks going in at the trail head. Two notes of caution: first, though appearing frozen, the ice on the lake is indeed unstable and not suitable for walking across; two, if crossing the lava beds themselves, be careful of hidden "sink holes" in the snow!

Though you can often still hear the highway, this is still a nice getaway hike.

Members: Scott Hovis, Keiko Bryan, Moshe Rapaport. Nonmembers: Karen Chalmers.

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