Pre's Trail

Friday, April 20, 2012
Leader: Margaret Prentice
Hike: 4 miles (Easy)

The highlight of our morning was seeing the fox calmly sunning itself by it's den, near the pond. We later learned it has been living there for four or five years. There were many signs of spring on this beautiful morning; the osprey was on its nest by the stadium, birds were singing happily and, among others, we identified two flickers and even a few American widgeons which surprisingly had not left yet. Wildflowers were blooming, larkspur, fawn lilies and Solomon's seal were about to bloom. Although prepared for rain there was nary a drop, only clouds and sunshine and it was pleasantly warm. There were only three of us but it enabled us to get better acquainted with each other so Clara Emlen, Sharon Cutsforth and I spent an enjoyable morning together.

Members: Margaret Prentice, Clara Emlen, Sharon Cutsforth.

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