Williams Lake

Saturday, July 28, 2012
Leader: Joanne Ledet
Hike: 8.5 miles, 800 ft (Moderate)

Sometimes you need a little help from your friends, and fortunately I had 11 friends with me when I led a hike to Williams Lake. As soon as we turned off Hwy. 126 it became obvious that I had not led this hike in about three years as there was some confusion about the route to the trailhead and the trail itself. But my alert hiking friends kept us going in the right direction and we successfully made it to our destination: Williams Lake. Along the trail we stopped for views of Erma Bell Lakes but did not linger long as the mosquitoes quickly found us when we rested. There were no mosquitoes at Williams Lake and we had a pleasant lunch stop there, enjoying easy conversation with our hiking companions. After lunch we headed downhill, passing some over-the-hill bear grass and columbine that were at their peak. I had been warning the hikers of the potential for a wet path at Otter Lake, and when we got there we discovered the path was more than wet, it was a mini-pond. Jyoti fashioned a bridge of sorts from branches and limbs, and all but one person – the leader – crossed the pond successfully. Thanks to Jim for fishing me out of the pond and getting me back on my feet. In spite of the miscues and the unexpected all the hikers had a good time based on the laughter and the amount of chatter along the way. One car load stopped for treats in Oakridge on the way home, while the other cars went straight back to Eugene. Thanks to Pat and Veronica for driving.

Members: Joanne Ledet, Jyoti Naik, Susan Sanazaro, Pat Soussan, Lamonte Smith, Sue Meyers, Brian Popowsky, Valerie Metcalfe, Patricia Mac Afee, Mei-Yueh Crowell. Nonmembers: Veronica Karpiak, Jim Woods.

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