Walk, Wine and Dine

Thursday, June 28, 2012
Leader: Joanne Ledet
Hike: 4.5 miles, 650 ft (Easy)

After days of rain that soaked not only gardens but the Olympic Trials, we were fortunate to have only a few sprinkles as we walked the hills of Southwest Eugene. We met at 5:30 PM at the Churchill Plaza parking lot and proceeded up city streets until we reached the wooded areas. We climbed through the woods on a paved path and kept a steady pace up the steep incline. Back on city streets we continued to climb at a gentler rate until we reached the ridge that overlooks Fern Ridge Reservoir and the Coast Range. After wading through hip-high weeds and white asters, we started our walk downhill, stopping to take in views of the city and the Coburg Hills. Even though the skies were slightly overcast we still had some decent views onto the valley floor and could pick out some familiar sights below. One advantage of the rain from the previous week was to find the creek full of water and we enjoyed the tumbling noise it made as we walked downhill. When back on city streets we picked up our pace in order to make our dinner reservation time at the Koho Bistro. All but one of the walkers stayed for dinner and we had a delicious meal with pleasant conversation among the seven diners. Those hiking were:

Members: Joanne Ledet, Jyoti Naik, Kathy Lindstrom, Sandra Larsen. Nonmembers: Judy Parker, Alison Hennes, Tiffany Boehland, Tami Hall.

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