Whale Watching Cruise - Newport

Saturday, April 21, 2012
Leader: Joella Ewing
Water: (Easy)

Some friends of mine went to the Coast Saturday to play bridge and saw two whales. Twelve Obsidians went to the coast the same Saturday to see whales and saw two bridges - and penguins and sea lions and puffins - but no whales. (The captain said they saw three on the morning fishing trip, so they were out there.) But it was a gorgeous sunny day to spend on the water. We'll try again next year. Newport Marina Store and Charters took us on a great ride, and everyone said they enjoyed it. The drive to Newport takes about 2 1/2 hours from Eugene, which gave us all about an hour and a half to grab a good lunch.

Members: Joella Ewing, Roberta Chord, Pat Bitner, Thomas Adamcyk, Brian Hamilton, Mary Hamilton, Clara Emlen, Noy Rathakette, Dick Hildreth. Nonmembers: Judy Adamcyk, Elizabeth David, Caroline Forell.

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