Salmon Creek Trail

Thursday, March 15, 2012
Leader: Rob Castleberry
Hike: 8 miles, 500 ft (Moderate)

The weather forecasts promised 100% chance of rain, and accurate they were. No downpours, just varying gradations of drizzle. We started next to the fish hatchery, just east of old town Oakridge, proceeding upstream along the south bank of Salmon Creek. The creek had obviously flooded recently, beyond its current vigorous flow, and shifting channels flooded the trail in a few places. We jumped across and sought higher ground until the trail reemerged. After about three miles and a quick standup lunch, we arrived at a newly constructed connector segment that climbs up and over a flank of Aubrey Mtn. to connect to Rd 207. The construction, done entirely by volunteers, became necessary after flooding last year in the gorge below washed out a long bridge that couldn't be replaced. We caught up with a few volunteers from GOATS (Greater Oakridge Area Trail Stewards) and Scorpions crew of the High Cascades Forest Volunteers, collaborators in the project, out in the rain working to finish the trail. Surprised to see us emerge out of the dripping woods, they said we were the first group to their knowledge to walk up from the hatchery across the new connector segment. After descent to Rd 207 and across Salmon Creek, we headed back along the north bank. Randy's GPS showed a total walking distance of almost 10 miles, a couple more miles than advertised. Alas, no sunshine, but rain gear and footwear were well tested.

Members: Rob Castleberry, Jorry Rolfe, Keiko Bryan, Janet Jacobsen, Randy Sinnott, Pat Soussan. Nonmembers: Jenny Likens.

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