Coyote Cr - Canoe/Kayak

Friday, September 21, 2012
Leader: Tom Musselwhite
Canoe: 5.5 miles (Moderate)

Six cheerful members met up and were on our way to the Coyote Creek launch site just a bit after nine. As we neared the boat launch, a dancing coyote lept into the middle of the road about 70 yards in front of us. As my astonished co-pilot and I watched, it hopped up into the air, spun around, and jumped right back into the brush. It probably took about 2 seconds before we passed the spot and it was out of sight. Working well together we unloaded our crafts and made a smooth launch. Foul of many types were active around us most of the time, including at least one huge blue heron, grebes, a large owl, a cast of turkey vultures, egrets, and more species of birds than I can name. After a couple of hours of leisurly paddling, we lunched in our boats near Fisher Island, then headed back through the rushes, cattails, and other aquatic vegetation toward our launch site. Most of us stopped along the meandering creek to sample the lucious blackberries along the way. Then, with some precision reloading, we were up and out about 3:00pm as another couple of boaters arrived to partake of all the natural and scenic treats so close to town.

Members: Musselwhite, Tom, Soussan, Pat, Sanders, Joe, Aten, Barbara, Ewing, Joella, Whitfield, Jim.

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