Green Lakes

Sunday, September 9, 2012
Leader: Daphne James
Hike: 8.4 miles, 1100 ft (Moderate)

We had wonderful weather and a great group of hikers for our trip to Green Lakes. We took the Fall Creek route, which offered many great views of waterfalls. Some of the Lupin and other flowers were still in bloom. When we neared the lunch stop at the larger of the Green Lakes, we could see a large plume of smoke rising over a ridge to our north. We later learned this was the start of what is now being called the Pole Creek fire. Nancy, who has Forest Service experience, advised me we were in no immediate danger, but added that winds can shift quickly in the mountains, so we did keep an eye on it. Although we continued to see the cloud of smoke in the distance, the air at Green Lake was clear and we enjoyed a relaxing lake side lunch and hiked back under beautiful skies and more great views of South Sister and Broken Top. Unfortunately, at this writing, it has been two weeks and the fire remains uncontained. Although I know that fire can be a natural occurance in nature, it still saddens me to see our forests burning. I thank all the Green Lake hikers for the good trip.

Members: Daphne James, Jyoti Naik, Tom Woxell, Marian West, Moshe Rapaport. Nonmembers: Nancy Matthews, Jane Bartell, Lisa Romano, Ayla Kiser, Charmaine Rehg, Manuela Felkl.

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