Fuji Mountain - Upper Island Loop

Sunday, September 23, 2012
Leader: Lyndell Wilken
Hike: 16 miles, 2556 ft (Difficult)

The trip began at the Fuji Mt. trailhead under low hanging clouds. After a rest at Birthday Lake the ascent to Fuji Mt. continued and the summit was reached by noon. The cloud cover had lifted high enough that we could see Waldo Lake and the sun broke out just as we arrived. We descended Mt Fuji and proceeded onto Upper and Lower Island Lakes via the South Waldo Trail. We were able to find the 1904 Cy Bingham blaze after Upper Island Lake in addition to the 1908 blaze near the Mt. Rae Trail intersection. The meadows on the Mt. Rae trail were beautiful in the rays of sunlight. Our final 2 miles were along the Gold Lake Trail.

Members: Lyndell Wilken, Jane Bartell, Jonathan Jost, Cindy Miller, Jennifer Haynes, Elle Weaver, John Hegg. Nonmembers: Elisa Pandolfi, James Chaney, Jeanine Taylor, Ruby Seitz.

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