Camp Elle - Mt Baker Summer Camp

Saturday–Saturday, August 18–25, 2012
Leader: Lana Lindstrom

Eighty-eight campers, about a quarter of whom were attending camp for the first time, had a wonderful experience at Camp Elle. The site was next to a small, glacier fed river -- many of us heard the “babbling brook”, particularly at night. The beautiful, permanent shelters enabled us not to set up the dining canopy and eat in a pleasant environment. Most of the hikes were less than a 40 mile round trip drive on fairly decent, albeit dusty, roads. The hikes were “wow” – one camper commented that the English language did not contain enough superlatives to describe the snow covered peaks, especially Mt Baker and Mt Shuksan, glaciated valleys, and profusions of multi-colored flowers. Several of the extra special hikes were repeated during the week: Heliotrope Ride, Skyline Divide, Yellow Aster Butter, Chain Lakes, Winchester Mountain, Hannegan Peak, and Lake Ann. Unfortunately, several other trails were still snowed in. The food was varied and tasty – some standards like enchiladas and lasagna, and some new items like cioppino and chicken korma; our cooks, Ross and Kate, poured their hearts into planning and preparing the meals. And the weather generally cooperated- a bit on the cool and cloudy side for several days, but it didn’t rain.

For additional information about the camp, see the articles in the September 2012 Bulletin.

Members: Lana Lindstrom, Richard Hughes, Janet Jacobsen, John Jacobsen, Lynn Meacham, Peggy Windle, Noy Rathakette, Chris Stockdale, John Moser, Pat Soussan, Nola Nelson, Wayne Cleall, Valerie Metcalfe, Patricia Mac Afee, Diane Schechter, Lynda Christiansen, Chris Shuraleff, Jennifer Barnes, Judy Terry, Guy Strahon, Jim Pierce, Carol Petty, Judy Newman, Elle Weaver, Walt Davis, Joyce Davis, Mary Livingston, Susan Wanser, Helen Martz, Nancy Whitfield, Sue Wolling, Joella Ewing, Melody Clarkson, Jim Clarkson, Jan Anselmo, Richard Anselmo, Ron Swisher, Barbara Bruns, Laurie Marshall, Patricia Esch, Charles Ashmore, Brenda Kameenui, Steven Johnson, Ellen Johnson, Dan Christensen, Kevin McManigal, Bea Fontana, Pamela Swisher, Charles Thomas, Diane Jeffcott, Jim Whitfield, Peter Graham, Kitson Graham, Betsy Halpern, Rich Romm, Margaret Essenberg, Richard Essenberg, Joanne Ledet, Ed Lichtenstein, Marian West, Anne Bonine, Charlene Pierce, Julie Dorland, Effie Neth, Clara Emlen, Colleen Milliman, Jorry Rolfe, Margaret McManigal, Daniel McManigal, Kelly McManigal, Rob Castleberry, Steve McManigal, Kris Wolters, John Atkinson, Kathy Lindstrom, Rick Ahrens, Lou Maenz, Sue Meyers. Nonmembers: Frank Lulich, Crystal Warsop, Tyler Warsop, Stephanie Harris, LuLu McManigal, Christine McManigal, Don Voegele, Patricia Bean, Glenn Gordon, Jim Woods.

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