Circle Lake

Saturday, January 28, 2012
Leader: Chris Stockdale
Xski: 10 miles, 300 ft (Difficult)

A beautiful day in the mountains but less than optimal snow conditions for skiing greeted the 8 Obsidians who arrived at Ray Benson Sno Park for the oft-postponed Circle Lake cross-country ski trip. Although the group put on skis to set off, within a very short time 5 members turned back to change to snowshoes. Three gutsy skiers stayed with the original plan and experienced crust to mush as the temperatures warmed up. Bob Smythe, Sue Wolling and Charlie VanDeusen followed the Circle Lake trail to Junction Island Shelter and then headed back to the parking lot. The highlight of their excursion was seeing 5 teams of mushers on sleds, each sled pulled by a team of six young Siberian huskies. The snowshoers – Dick Hildreth, Lyndell Wilken, Chris Shuraleff, Bob Harrison and Chris Stockdale – followed in the skiers’ tracks as far as Circle Lake. After enjoying lunch in the warm sunshine, they retraced their steps to the North Loop trail and headed back past the North Blowout shelter to the cars. Everybody was so glad to get out onto the snow again that nobody complained about the conditions (although some did complain about the excessive noise and air pollution generated by the unbelievable number of snowmobiles in the parking lot).

Members: Chris Stockdale, Charlie Van Deusen, Sue Wolling, Bob Harrison, Lyndell Wilken, Chris Shuraleff, Dick Hildreth, Robert Smythe.

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