Ridgeline Trail

Thursday, February 2, 2012
Leader: Janet Jacobsen
Hike: 6.2 miles, 900 ft (Moderate)

Dewdrops and filtered sun rays highlighted thousands of orb spider webs in the vegetation along the trail. It was like walking through a children’s fairy garden. Red elf cap mushrooms peaked from rotten logs. Margaret Prentice and Barbara Bruns joined us for the best part of the Groundhog Day hike. Most of us were completely surprised to discover and recognize the stout body, pointed snout, and cozy brown fur of the weather-predicting groundhog in a shadowed low spot off the trail between Fox Hollow and Dillard. Too bad the groundhog didn’t make his appearance on top of Baldy with the bright sun, blue sky and views of the mountains.

Members: Jacobsen, Janet, Moser, John, Bonine, Anne, Bryan, Keiko, Prentice, Margaret, Bruns, Barbara. Nonmembers: Mallonee, Bill.

Fairyland of spider webs on the Ridgeline Trail—photo by Bill Mallonee
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