Crater Lake Ski & Snowshoe

Friday–Sunday, March 30–April 1, 2012
Leader: Chris Stockdale
Ext Trp: (Moderate)

The forecast for “Rain, then snow; high near 45. Windy, with a southwest wind between 25 and 34mph, with gusts as high as 50mph. Chance of precipitation 100%” did nothing to inspire the group that arrived at the Union Creek Resort for an advertised ski and snowshoe at Crater Lake trip. And yes, they arrived in pouring rain. But being the true Obsidians that they are, group members took it in stride and found plenty to occupy themselves. Some chose to hike to the Rogue River viewpoint and see the unbelievable torrential waters cascading down the narrow gorge; others enjoyed a leisurely lunch at Beckie’s Café and the rest relaxed in the lodge. Waking the next morning to more rain, we were surprised when we saw that rain change to heavy snow that quickly covered the ground, creating a really mushy footing. But seeing the snow got many inspired to get out and find out what they could do. We knew the road from the Visitors’ Center up to the rim had been closed because the snowplow had broken down but then heard the road had reopened. Skiers and snowshoers headed off looking for snow to play in. Some stopped along Hwy 62 to ski on the PCT toward the lake and were happy to find sunshine and good snow conditions. Others tried going to the rim but discovered that once again, the road was closed – this time due to high winds and drifting snow. And several found a road close to the lodge that had enough snow for skiing. The group gathered in the living room of the lodge, which offers a large fireplace, for Happy Hour. It seemed everybody had found an activity to suit them and the general mood was upbeat. A team of volunteers assembled a large quantity of chicken and vegetarian enchiladas, with Spanish rice and salad, along with many assorted snacks. For those with room left, there were wonderful cookies and cake. Kudos to the men’s team for a spectacular clean up of the dishes and kitchen. We woke on the final morning to more snow, and most people opted to pack up and leave. The new owners of the Union Creek Resort treated us well; because we had reserved all the rooms in the lodge, plus an extra large cabin for the group, we had exclusive use of the lodge facilities, including the kitchen, living room and game room. In addition, we received a great discount on prices so it was an inexpensive weekend for all. All the rooms in the lodge have their own wash basins, microwaves, mini-refrigerators and coffee makers. Showers and toilets are down the hall, but lines never seemed to form. The cabin, which is actually a former Forest Service house, had a full kitchen, large living room and spacious accommodations. The group consensus was that this trip should be repeated in 2013.

Members: Stockdale, Chris, Whitfield, Nancy, Holbert, Mary, James, Daphne, Shuraleff, Chris, Metcalfe, Valerie, Van Deusen, Charlie, Camp, Marianne, Schechter, Diane, Kameenui, Brenda, Newman, Judy, Whitfield, Jim, Martz, Helen, Rolfe, Jorry, Sinnott, Randy, Esch, Patricia, Durham, Charles. Nonmembers: Torland, Greg, Kelly, Harriet, Johnston, Garilyn.

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