Pretty Lake

Sunday, January 1, 2012
Leader: Sue Sullivan
Xski: 5.5 miles, 1100 ft (Difficult)

This trip was originally scheduled for December 26, but with the dismal state of the snow pack and the promise of snow in the forecast, it seemed reasonable to postpone the trip for a week. I felt very positive about the potential for good ski conditions when Rich Anselmo, our local weather wise man (or a wise guy?) signed up for the trip. And the snow did come... though not as much at the Crescent trailhead as we might have hoped. Still, it was sunny and pleasant, and we headed out, determined to have fun no matter what. We started out on a direct route to the Pretty Lake junction and ended up carrying skis a fair amount of the time. We reached the junction... and the conditions on the Pretty Lake trail didn't look very pretty. After a brief discussion among the group, we decided to retreat to the car and head to a place with better snow conditions. So it was back to the car, and back to the Gold Lake snow park, where - given the reduced amount of time left for skiing - we divided into two groups. The fast skiers had an exhilarating ski to Arrowhead Lake in good conditions; the slower group did an enjoyable leisurely loop past Bechtel and West View shelters. We had an uneventful return to Eugene. Pretty Lake will have to wait for a bit more snow.

Members: Sullivan, Sue, Stockdale, Chris, Mowat, John, Rapaport, Moshe, Anselmo, Jan, Anselmo, Richard.

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