Spencer Butte Trail Maintenance

Wednesday, July 25, 2012
Leader: Matthew Bell
Trl Mnt: 2 miles, 500 ft (Moderate)

We met Christer LaBrecque of the City's Parks and Open Space division to get tools, snacks, and the tasks for the evenings work. We loaded up and hiked up to the Junction Meadow. Christer had packed in his chainsaw to cut up the trees that had fallen into the meadow during this winter's storms.

Dan, Barbara, and Betty began working to drag away the remnants of the trees. They used some branches to cover a trail corner that people have been short-cutting. Barbara walked through some stinging nettles while wearing shorts and decided that joining those of us that were clearing the sides of the Tie Trail would be less painful.

The remainder of our group began working down the Tie Trail hacking back overhanging vegetation from the trail sides. It was amazing to see the regrowth in the areas we'd worked last month. We were able to connect all of the sections that we worked on last month. Having 3 weed cutters in addition to a machete really made the work go a lot faster. There were also some areas that had overhanging branches from Vine Maples and wild Filberts and those in our group that had hand clippers and folding saws made very short work of them. A little before 7:30 we Thomas joined our group having hiked through several parks to find us.

Thanks to all the volunteers efforts the Tie Trail is now in much better shape.

Members: Matthew Bell, Jim Whitfield, Jyoti Naik, Dan Gilmore, Joanne Ledet, Pat Soussan, Barbara Norregaard, Betty Grant. Nonmembers: Thomas Kirkpatrick, Oliver Bell.

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