Spencer Butte Trail Maintenance

Wednesday, May 30, 2012
Leader: Matthew Bell
Trl Mnt: 1 miles, 100 ft (Moderate)

This month's outing was unique in that instead of removing invasive species we were removing rare native-plants. Specifically, tall bugbane plants. We met the City staff and the Blanton adopters at a little used neighborhood connector trailhead. After a group introduction everyone grabbed a shovel and 3 people started pushing wheelbarrows. We hiked into Blanton Heights park and up over the high point to find a stretch of trail that the City is going to have a contractor work on that was lined with tall bugbane plants. We then dug out the plants and placed them into pots and began transporting them out to the trucks. Our large group made short work of the day's task completing it in 2 hours.

Members: Bell, Matthew, Sanazaro, Susan, Jacobsen, Janet, Soussan, Pat, Emlen, Clara, Whitfield, Jim, Ledet, Joanne, Pierce, Jim. Nonmembers: Gilmore, Dan, Furgerson, Dana, Hagen, David, Hagen, Lois, Creed, Errin, Hanna, Phil.

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