Newberry Crater Ski & Snowshoe

Wednesday–Friday, February 1–3, 2012
Leader: Lana Lindstrom
Ext Trp: 3 miles, 780 ft (Moderate)

The weather driving over was a bit sketchy, but there was plenty of snow at the 10 mile snow park at Newberry Crater National Monument. The snow cat hauled our gear in and we all skied or snowshoed up the main road to Paulina Lake Resort. The next day, 5 strong, determined folks skied 1,650' in 4 miles up to Paulina Peak where they could see from Mt Adams to Mt. Shasta! The rest of us snowshoed or skied the main road or the trails in vicinity, including visiting the beautiful waterfall and the Big Obsidian Flow. The last day, we explored 3 different ways to return to the parking lot. It was a very congenial group of 15 Obsidians who shared 3 different houses - a good time was had by all! For a more detailed report about this trip, see the March, 2012 Bulletin.

Members: Lindstrom, Lana, Hughes, Richard, Stockdale, Chris, Whitfield, Nancy, Norregaard, Barbara, Shuraleff, Chris, Whitfield, Jim, Van Deusen, Charlie, Fontana, Bea, Meacham, Lynn, Esch, Patricia, Windle, Peggy, Marcus, Lisa, Newman, Judy, Mac Afee, Patricia.

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