Diamond Creek Falls

Saturday, February 25, 2012
Leader: Jim Pierce
SShoe: 5.4 miles, 500 ft (Moderate)

There was snow mixed in the rain as we left SEHS. It got whiter as we drove higher... packed snow above 2500 feet. Richard got us safely to (and from) the snow park … Thank you! The new snow was powdery … Perfect for snowshoeing. The leader sank in 4-6 inches most of the time. The trees were heavy with snow. At Salt Creek Falls the cliffs were draped with white. The snowy scenes were spectacular! There was evidence of critters hopping through the new snow, but no live sightings. The bridges were fine. A couple places we had to step across small creeks. It took us two hours to hike to Diamond Creek Falls, stopping for many pictures and at ALL the Gorge overlooks. The falls were magnificent with high water flow and icy ledges. For a time Diamond Creek Falls was in a whiteout from the heavy snowfall. It was windy and cold, so we ate fast and scurried back. It had snowed over 2 inches in the four hours that we were on the trail. We were back to SEHS before 4 PM. What a breathtaking day!

Members: Pierce, Jim, Essenberg, Margaret, Essenberg, Richard. Nonmembers: Madeira, David, Neighbor, Patricia.

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