Gander Lake/Winchester Ridge Loop

Sunday, October 2, 2011
Leader: Jan Anselmo
Hike: 11 miles, 2751 ft (Difficult)

Hikers met the leader at the Lion Mountain Bakery in Uptown Oakridge. We started at an obscure trail head that not many folks use. We gained much of our elevation in the first mile...nice warmup. Weather was a pleasant hiking temp with a mixture of clouds and filtered sun. No bugs. Many hiked to Waldo Mountain lookout in t-shirts and shorts. We tromped pass Gander Lake and entered the meadow. After climbing past a rocky outcropping with great views to the lakes below that we had just passed, we proceeded to climb through a burn section. Turning at the junction for Waldo Mountain Lookout, we entered another wooded section leading to our lunch spot. At the top there was little wind and spectacular views of Waldo Lake, the Sisters and surrounding terrain. Some even managed a nice refreshing nap. Our next section was along Winchester Ridge - a faint trail because of low use. Of course this was what made it more interesting. There were huckleberries to enjoy. And from the purplish scat along the trail, we were not the only ones enjoying nature's bounty (think big, black and furry). Our final section of the trail wound its way down through a canopy of old growth to Swan Lake. As we reached our cars, a light rain began to fall. Perfect. Thank you Lyndell for your assistance and for being my trail sweep. This was a great hike made even better by the such congenial participants.

Members: Anselmo, Jan, Stockdale, Chris, Parrish, Kate, Wilken, Lyndell, Hildreth, Dick, Schwintzer, Ernst, Anselmo, Richard, Christiansen, Lynda, Castleberry, Rob, Lipton, Becky, Cross, Don. Nonmembers: Beal, Robert.

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