U of O Campus

Friday, September 2, 2011
Leader: Janet Jacobsen
Hike: 3 miles (Easy)

Without the bustle of students, the U of O campus provided a pleasant and tranquil setting for nine of us to stroll for two hours discovering 40 plus sculptures and building ornamentations. We didn’t find the elusive sundial but we did spot Alan Turing’s tie clip in the shape of a question mark, Maxwell and his demon, a basketball and football, a fruit fly, flying ducks, zebrafish, and nine colophons. Winding our way through the service entrance of Straub Hall to the inner courtyard, we found The House of Phineas Gage in the shape of a brain reminding us of his gruesome accident and how it influenced brain science. At 10:55, we were in front of the Museum of Art waiting for the doors to open for the first Friday of the month free admission day. It was an inspired group who shared their impressions and made the walk so much fun. If you would like to see photos of the sculpture, Google outdoor sculpture U. of Oregon or http://libweb.uoregon.edu/guides/architecture/oregon/sculpture.html

Our apologies to Ann Rollins whom we somehow missed in the SEHS parking lot.

Members: Janet Jacobsen, Susan Sanazaro, Margaret Prentice, Linda Harris, Suzanne Steussy, Dick Hildreth. Nonmembers: Leah Firth, Sonia Yetter, Susan Deal.

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