Tam McArthur Rim

Saturday, September 24, 2011
Leader: Judy Terry
Hike: 5 miles, 1200 ft (Moderate)

Our group started up the trail to Tam McArthur Rim on a clear beautiful day. It was early enough that the temperature was comfortable for the steady climb up. At the top we had wonderful views of the neighboring mountains. We could see lingering smoke and evidence of the ongoing fires at the Big Lake area. Smoke had settled into the lower regions and Mt. Hood was barely visible because of the smoke. At the top of the rim there was a Forest Ranger, who had been involved the evening prior with an unattended campfire. A helicopter had dropped two smoke jumpers on the site to control the situation. The Ranger was still there monitoring the area. After lunch we went to a sloping snowfield. Several of us climbed a short distance and slid down the snowy hill. That's one way to stay cooled off!

Members: Terry, Judy, Whitfield, Nancy, Opincar, Love, Strahon, Guy. Nonmembers: Rolfe, Jorry, Thompson, Nathan, Whalen, Kerry.

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