Get Acquainted

Friday, August 5, 2011
Leader: Janet Jacobsen
Hike: 2.5 miles, 300 ft (Easy)

Two family groups that included the parents, their children, and a cousin joined us for the late afternoon Get Acquainted Hike. At the lodge, the children asked questions about the alpenstock and the photograph of a climber jumping over a crevasse. 'What's the dude doing? Why? " Thanks to members John Jacobsen, Rick Ahrens, and Roberta Chord for assisting and answering questions.

Members: Jacobsen, Janet, Chord, Roberta, Jacobsen, John, Ahrens, Rick. Nonmembers: Alderette, Edward, Alderette, Diana, Alderette, Alyssa, Stolt, Jessica, Donaghey, Amy, Donaghey, Chad, Donaghey, Jozie, Donaghey, Garret.

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