Spencer Butte

Wednesday, June 29, 2011
Leader: Matthew Bell
Trl Mnt: 2 miles, 500 ft (Moderate)

We had a large turnout for this outings planned work near the Junction Meadow. We loaded up power-wheel barrows with a small front-end loader, it was much easier than shoveling. Once at the Junction Meadow we broke into 3 groups. One group continuing on up the trail to block illicit trails and shortcuts, another would stay at the junction to spread gravel, and the third would continue to ferry gravel up the trail. As it can take a long time to make a round trip Christer fired up his chainsaw and started in on project that he’s been considering for some time. Fir trees are sprouting around the edges of the Junction Meadow and eventually they will take it over. To preserve the meadow and its rare habitat and plants the small firs must go. He cut down and cut up trees so that we could scatter them into the woods. We capped the section of trail leading to the junction that we’d removed peeler cores from on previous outings. We filled in to divots we created when we removed the peeler cores. We also use a gas-powered compactor to pack the gravel to make the section more durable. On the way back down one of the power-wheelbarrows threw a track off. After some running and working later than normal we got the track back on and called it a day.

Members: Bell, Matthew, Jacobsen, Janet, Whitfield, Jim, Green, Peter. Nonmembers: Moran, Mark, Larsen, Todd, Green, Aaron, Smith, Sabrina, Moran, Monet, Elm, Ell, Moran, Victoria .

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