Ridgeline Trail Shuttle

Saturday, July 2, 2011
Leader: Janet Jacobsen
Hike: 6.2 miles, 900 ft (Moderate)

It was the first time for four of our group to hike the entire Ridgeline Trail. When we stopped on Mt. Baldy to eat lunch and enjoy the hillside blooming with oxeye daisies, Ellen King, a recent newcomer from Kansas, marveled that we could sit in the grass and not worry about ticks. We did mention poison oak! The hike took 3 hours except for Chris Stockdale who doubled the mileage when she hiked back to Blanton. Since there were several questions about the Mariposa Woodland near the 52nd Willamette Trailhead, I later checked out the online 2009 Management Plan. When I lead this hike again July 30th, I might be able to point out the protected trees, especially a large Ponderosa Pine near the trail, a Eugene Tree Foundation Legacy Tree.

Members: Janet Jacobsen, Paul Flashenberg, Joanne Whitfield, Joella Ewing, Chris Stockdale, Helen Martz. Nonmembers: Ellen King, Patrick Bronson.

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