Get Acquainted

Friday, August 5, 2011
Leader: Janet Jacobsen
Hike: 2.5 miles, 300 ft (Easy)

The Get Acquainted hikes were featured in the Buzzworthy column in the Tuesday Outdoor Section. I had lots of phone calls but how many would show up for the hike? Meeting at Hendricks Park, one person after another walked over to our group and asked,” Are you the Obsidians?” I give a special thanks to the three Obsidians who helped me greet the 16 guests that included a mix of native Oregonians and recent arrivals from Arizona and South Carolina. There were two children on the hike who were fascinated with the lodge and just had to know what was upstairs. Andrew Greif, Register Guard copy editor, joined us. Andrew is the person we contact to schedule our activities in the Outdoor Section and he also writes the Buzzworthy section. I hope that everyone thought it was indeed a Buzzworthy experience even though I didn’t think to wait at the first intersections for the whole group. Fortunately, the sweeps, Dan and Joella, had it covered.

Members: Janet Jacobsen, Suzanne Steussy, Dan Christensen, Joella Ewing. Nonmembers: Barbara Wheatley, Fred Kluessendorf, Lance Miller, Kassia Dellabough, Brenda Russell, Zachery Russell, Elle Russell, Shelly Winter, Sharon Bruns, John Morgan, Twyla Morgan, Ken Parramore, David Henderson, Ted Calcaterra, Stew Meyers, Andrew Greif.

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