Rogue River Kayaking

Friday–Sunday, August 12–14, 2011
Leader: Valerie Metcalfe
Ext Trp: (Moderate)

Two days of sun drenched, rapid running was had by 7 white water enthusiasts Aug. 12-14 on a popular stretch of the Rogue River in southern Oregon. The group met at Almeda campground Fri afternoon and set up camp. That evening the group was entertained while coordinator, Valerie Metcalfe, prepared dutch oven chicken and dumplings over a bed of coals. Particpants played cards and enjoyed the campfire, awaiting our big day on the river. Sat. after breakfast, we shuttled our inflatable kayaks upriver to the Hog Creek put in. We jockied for position on the boat ramp amongst the many boaters to inflate our kayaks, apply suncreen and strap down our coolers in the backs of our boats. We floated from Hog Creek, through Hellgate Canyon and continued our 10 mile float through class 1 and 2+ rapids including Galice Chute, Chair, and Widow Maker. The river was uniquely high for this time of year and we encountered many rolling wave trains that gave us a fun ride. At times we had to wait our turn to get through the big rapids due to the floatillas of people out enjoying the water or the arrival of a jetboat carrying 50+ tourists upriver. We were successful at spotting some wildlife while eating our packed lunches along the shore; 4 otters were spotted swimming across the river. The same day a bald eagle was seen perched high above the river. Sun. the group repeated the same float of the day before, but this time we had a better idea of what to expect. The group looks forward to more river trips in the future.

Members: Metcalfe, Valerie, Dorland, Julie, Roy, Beth, Schechter, Diane, Cleall, Wayne. Nonmembers: Gates, Devin, Krusoe, Sana.

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