Mt. Hood

Wednesday–Friday, September 7–9, 2011
Leader: Joe Sanders
Ext Trp: (Moderate)

NOTE: the information submitted here is for Obsidian data records base ONLY, NOT for publication in the Bulletin. I will write a separate report and submit (with group photo) for your consideration for publication in the bulletin. Round trip trail miles: (3 trips) Day 1: "TOM DICK and HARRY" Mtn. 6 miles; 1,500 ft. Day 2: Timberline Lodge to SIlcox Hut ( upper slope of MT Hood) 2+ miles (RT) 1,000 ft, AND portion of Paradise Park Trail (from Trailhead, Timberline Lodge) approx. 5 miles, 800 ft (?- uphill, on return) Day 3: ELK MEADOWS: 7 miles, 1100 ft All 3 day trips completed safely and w/out incident. Day two hike changed from originally scheduled hike due to high heat, interest in group to see Timberline lodge and hike from that setting.. You will note that this extended trip possibly has the unique "distinction" (?) of having WAY MORE cancellations (and a "no show" ) than actual participants. While I (Joe) cited a minimum of five as a base line for proceeding with the trip, in the end, that minimum was not even met. Of the three other participants who actually showed and completed the trip, two (Ron S and Tom A) were personally recruited, by me. Pat Mac Afee called one day before to cancel, citing worries about heat and smoke exposure from a fire on Mt Hood following a call from a friend in PDX. (there was NO smoke in the areas we hiked in, and temps were cooler on Mt Hood than in Pdx. OR Eugene.) Art Kearney (due to drive up after work on Wed., day one) never showed and never returned the call placed from Ron Swisher's cell phone inquiring for his safety and whereabouts at 10:00 PM Wed from Trail's club lodge. With this uncertainty, the lodge (normally locked at night) was kept open in case of his late arrival. Leader Joe found a message from Art citing his inability to come, after all, on his home machine upon arrival home, at the end of the trip. In my opinion, these last minute cancellations should not have fees refunded. While the Trail's club lodge offers an inviting setting for out-of town guest accommodation, and the (few) actually participating members appeared enthusiastic about all of the hikes which were offered upon their completion of those hikes, due to the extent of the planning complications, hassles, and volume of cancellations both in advance and at the last minute, leader Joe Sanders would absolutely NOT offer this trip again, therefore this record will be for archival interest, only. As noted, a BRIEF description of the trip will be prepared and submitted to the Bulletin committee, directly, after assurances that it complies with club expectations for Bulletin Submissions. (POINT 7) NOTE: Trip fees for this extended trip were included in the overall fees assessed, in advance. Checks from individuals were sent to Treasurer, after pre-trip meeing.

Members: Sanders, Joe, Flashenberg, Paul, Swisher, Ron. Nonmembers: Avery, Thomas.

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