Crevasse Rescue class session

Wednesday, June 8, 2011
Leader: Steve Still

Twenty eager folks attended this first of three parts to the 2011 Crevasse Rescue Training. This was a classroom session inside the lodge. Sue delivered a comprehensive power point presentation illustrating and discussing: glacier features and how to read them, types of crevasses, seasonal characteristics and hazards, route finding, the science and art of team rope travel, equipment, and basic rescue techniques including the use of prussik loops for self rescue and Z and C pulley systems for team rescue. Steve and Sue also demonstrated the gear and equipment needed for glacier travel and rescue techniques.

Sue SullivanMembers: Steve Still, Danneille Harris, Shellie Robertson, Sean Breslin, Randy Sinnott, Juli McGlinsky, Brian Hamilton, Marci Hansen, Richard Lemon, Wayne Deeter, Doug Orwick, Susan Hutchinson Carey. Nonmembers: Rick Harris, Scott Chase, Lisa Berenschot, Thomas Baldwin, Jason Rice, Tim Thoren, Mike Taormina.

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