Grizzly Peak

Saturday, October 15, 2011
Leader: Elle Weaver
Hike: 10 miles, 2700 ft (Difficult)

Six intrepid Obsidian women set out for Grizzly Peak, analyzing the skies and challenging the predicted rain showers. We launched into the padded mossy forest, Pamelia Creek rushing alongside. Dappled sun greeted us at Pamelia Lake, where we paused for some "photo ops" amidst the brilliant fall colors. Small wonder this is such a popular lake. Chugging along the switchbacks we enjoyed peaceful quiet and maple vines displaying their splendor. We arrived at the first viewpoint in hopes of a full vista of Jefferson's peaks. Though we could see her snowy flanks, Jefferson's highest points remained shrouded in wispy clouds. We enjoyed some time at that first viewpoint, admiring the stillness of Pamelia Lake below and the interesting channels carved in the bottom of the lake. The shore was dotted with a spectacular array of red, orange, and yellow. We all wondered about the thunderous roar of the inlet creek. It sounded as though it had the volume of a huge whitewater river. We stopped briefly again at another viewpoint and then marched to the top, enjoying views of the surrounding mountains and hills. The variable sun and clouds made for interesting and beautiful scenes. Hoorah! At the top we broke out our well deserved lunches, spiced up with fabulous home-made cookies from Marianne. Jefferson remained partially obscured throughout, though we admired the shifting cloud banks and changing perspectives. In spite of our enthusiastic pleas, the sun was not successful in completely burning off Jefferson's swirling cap. More reason to return another day! As we wove our way back down, Sue educated us about mosses and lichens. She then pursued a relentless search for the liverwort, which she finally located near the end of the trail. Of course we stopped again at the lake, soaked up the serenity, and idly watched dragonflies and waterfowl go about their business. It was definitely a wonderful day and we noted that we did not experience one single raindrop! Many thanks to our co-leader, Kate, for reporting our very enjoyable autumn hike.

Members: Weaver, Elle, Parrish, Kate, Wolling, Sue, Funkhouser, Laurie, Meacham, Lynn, Camp, Marianne.

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