N. Fork Smith River/Sweet Cr

Sunday, May 1, 2011
Leader: Rob Castleberry
Hike: 10.5 miles, -1400 ft (Moderate)

The rains paused and the clouds parted for a sunny May Day in the Coast Range. Ed Lizewski had generously offered to drive a shuttle car to the lower end of the trail and walk upstream to meet the rest of us, saving most of an hour for shuttle setup. Kentucky and North Smith falls were thunderous with abundant spring runoff. Fresh spring green was the color of the day. Vine maple leaves were just emerging, and flowers were delayed by cool weather. We rock-hopped across side streams, sharing trekking poles for balance. Since the last Obsidian hike along this trail, the Forest Service rebuilt several bridges, so no need to slide along logs for a precarious river crossing. From the lower trailhead we drove to the north, crossing into the Sweet Creek drainage. Four of our group continued back to town while the rest of us took another dose of ozone and streamside energy, walking the Sweet Creek trail before return home.

Members: Rob Castleberry, Paul Flashenberg, Betty Grant, Ernst Schwintzer, Janet Jacobsen, Ed Lizewski, Lana Lindstrom, Diane Schechter. Nonmembers: Rick Harris, Diane Kurz.

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