Brice Creek

Saturday, June 4, 2011
Leader: Jim Pierce
Hike: 3.8 miles, 700 ft (Easy)

We were mesmerized as the surging waters tumbled over boulders. Bouncing, leaping and laughing, they sang to us all along the trail. The ancient forest was filled with shades of green, accented with splashes of Spring color. We stopped often to admire a dozen kinds of flowers, a half dozen species of ferns, and a massive collection of ground covers. The towering canopy cast awesome shadows and kept us cool. Since there were not enough of us for a shuttle, we hiked Lund Park to Champion Creek with a side trip to Lower Trestle Creek Falls. The streams and forest filled us with life and energy. What a glorious day :-)

Members: Jim Pierce, Joella Ewing, Bonnie Richman.

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