Big Lake/Sand Mountain

Thursday–Friday, March 31–April 1, 2011
Leader: Lana Lindstrom
Ext Trp: 7 miles, 50 ft (Easy)

This trip report is for the middle day of a 3 day Extended Trip to Big Lake. There is a separate trip report for the ski/snowshoe to and from the Lodge. There is also a summary report of the entire trip in the April Bulletin. Thursday, March 31 was a windy, partly cloudy, fairly warm day. Several inches of snow had melted the night before, resulting in about 70"-80" of heavy, wet snow on the ground -- the road signs were barely visible. As a result, most of the group decided to follow snowmobile tracks to Sand Mountain. We were periodically teased with views of Hayrick Butte and Sand Mountain along the way. Four of us skiers reached the base of the "mountain" and based on snow conditions, decided not to ascent; others turned around before. Two participants skied around Big Lake instead. They stayed around the perimeter since the top layer of ice on the lake was starting to melt. The total miles skied or snowshoed by each person ranged from 5-7 miles.

Members: Lindstrom, Lana, Hughes, Richard, Stockdale, Chris, Martz, Helen, Whitfield, Jim, Mac Afee, Patricia, Van Deusen, Charlie, Esch, Patricia, Shuraleff, Chris, Newman, Judy, Rust, Cindy, Wagar, Chuck, Meyers, Sue, West, Marian. Nonmembers: Magee, Sidney.

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